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Nikola R. Petrov Game Designer
I am Nikola R. Petrov

A professional game designer and writer based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I've been working in the gaming industry for the past 6 years, holding the positions of Game Designer (Snapshot Games, The King of All Bards), Narrative Director (ZenART VR), and Gaming Journalist (,

Before the pandemic, I used to tour with my band Eriney.

I love creating thematic games with an emphasis on creative writing, world-building, and mechanics as metaphors. 


The purpose of this website is to gather highlights of my work and host my blog. My goal is to share knowledge, experience, and ideas with fellow game design enthusiasts.

If you have questions or comments, please fill out the form below. 


Best Board Game Design - Aniventure ComicCon 2017

Best Board Game Design - Sofia Board Game Weekend 2018

Best VR Experience (Finalist) - Fourth International VR Awards 2020

Best Thematic Game (Runner-up) - 10th BGG Roll & Write Game Design Contest 2022

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