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You are the world’s mightiest heroes,
but you’re a little… dead.

Sitting atop Valhalla, you reminisce about your glorious deeds back when you were alive. Who among you was the greatest?


And That's How I Died is a light set-collection game for 2-5 warriors. You play as the spirit of a long-dead Viking. Each turn you will "remember" one story from your glorious life by combining 3 cards to spin a unique tale each time!

Some stories are more impressive than others, so make sure to "recall" only the winning ones! Oh, and feel free to "correct" the other by breaking up their own combinations!​


Impress your peers with tales of heroic feats, compare your legacies and see how each one eventually bit the dust…

  • New stories every game

  • 27,000 possible combos

  • As quick as 5 min per player

  • Different paths to victory

  • Reverse player elimination: you try to kill... yourself!

Get a taste for the stories by <switching> cards:
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