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If ye're reading this here letter...

...It means one thing only: the beast has finally got me. 
Our rivalry goes back decades, but today, I am somewhere deep within its ugly belly. 

Now, I can hold my own just dandy and by the time ye read this, I am most certainly alive and a-kickin’. However, that’s no excuse for ye to dilly-dally! 

Get in here and pull me back up, so I can gut this wretched monster proper… meaning, from the outside! 

Glory and gold await. But most importantly, I await! So hurry up, ye scurvy scallywag!

- Captain Niel "Fishbone" Reed

What this be?


Finding Fishbone is a print-and-play, roll-and-write, solo RPG. It comes in the shape of a zine and message in a bottle.

It involves roaming, swashbuckling, and treasure-hunting—normal pirate stuff.


Descend into the belly of a mighty whale to discover treasures, companions, and hopefully the good captain... but watch out for ambushes, nasty surprises, and those yucky, yucky stomach acids!


This exercise in adventure and peril requires a sharp pencil, a sharp mind, and 2 six-sided lucky bones.
A clean bottle is optional but strongly recommended.


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