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Yo-ho, this be Kars the Sea Wolf! ☠️
He specializes in shanty shenanigans and terrifying tales!

Once he served under the infamous pirate Redbeard. On his deathbed, the old captain made Kars swear an oath never to speak of the secret location where their treasure is buried. But hey, nobody said anything about singing!

Nowadays the old corsair is roaming the land singing his cryptic tales, followed by a horde of treasure-hunters listening to his lyrics very, very carefully... 
This is the perfect time to reveal Mariana the Dark. 🦇
She specializes in petrifying poetry and mystical music.
Born in a noble family, Mariana grew up in luxury and surrounded by caring servants. Her lifestyle was completely uprooted when her favorite rabbit Gogol mysteriously disappeared. The traumatic event utterly changed the little girl and she turned to the dark side of things.

Her eerie recitals and delicate, but dark poetry has won the hearts of many a secret admirer. Seemingly, the lady in black pays no mind to them, but in truth, she never hesitates to use them for her own selfish means.
BOOM! Here comes Hikari the Loud! 💥
She specializes in bombastic beats and relentless rhythms! Born in a family of a Kamishibai artist and a shamisen player, she was trained to become a proper lady from a young age. However, Hikari has always preferred stick-fighting with the boys over her mother’s tea ceremonies.

One day, a Taiko band came to her village and the girl seized the opportunity to run away with them. After learning the ways of the drum, she now travels from one pub to the next, throwing the loudest show there is.
The oldest alehouse in the kingdom has a widespread reputation for upholding the highest standards in beer production. Their homebrew, Mayor’s, attracts travelers from all corners of the earth. While not always living up to its former glory, this pub serves decent meals and outstanding ale, which is more than enough for most. The ornate statue of the first owner, mayor Thomas, always welcomes the visitors with a smile.

Mayor’s can’t be beat! The old bastard might be gone, but we keep his spirit in our hearts and his beer in our pints!” – Kiro the Fat

I’m feeling right at home here. The staff is always nice, and the drinks are great.” – Lilly the Shy

Mayor Thomas had many secrets and so does his place! The statue outside is far from ordinary, my friends…” – Kars the Sea Wolf
This imposing alehouse is the meeting ground for warriors from across the land. After hard battles and perilous adventures, heroes congregate here to share a tankard of mead and a good war story. The building itself reflects its patrons – fortified and built to last, it is often mistaken for a fortress by foreigners.

Ain’t no party like a Banner party! These boys know how to throw a punch!” – Helga the Brave

Intimidating? They wish! The bigger the dude, the fatter the tip!” - Hikari the Loud

The pen is mightier than the sword, indeed. The gentlemen at the Torn Banner are most valuable sources of intel... and frankly, great dancers.” – Caspar the Jolly
A tower or a house of cards? A stranger might look at this jumbled mess and wonder how it hasn’t crumbled yet. This mental-institution-turned-tavern hosts a colorful cast of fun-loving vagabonds. The cacophony of music, fighting, and laughter can be heard from three blocks over. The town guards grew tired of being called every single night, so at some point, they just stopped answering. To nobody’s surprise, it made no difference.

Looking for a good party, a good drink and a good fight? Look elsewhere. These wackos are too much even for me.” – Helga the Brave

Delicious chaos! Poetry in motion! Dance, my lovelies!” – Caspar the Jolly

It’s all good, we’re all friends here. Oi, next round’s on me!” – Kiro the Fat
All art by Atanas Lozanski
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